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This page is dedicated to our own family pets.

This is Budkiss (Buddie)  I lost him  in May 2008 aged 15 years, 10 months and 1 day.  I will never forget him and its who the company was named after.








This is Baby and Martha.  They are my Mum's Skye Terriers.  These are a very old breed that come from the Isle of Skye in Scotland.  They are on the endangered dog list so need all the help they can to get to keep the breed going.  Despite having this long silky coat, they are very low maintenance and make great loving, loyal pets.




This is my tiny Pug, Tank.  He only weighs 5kg but has a personality of a much bigger pooch! He thinks he is the man of the house and my others let him think so..... Just don't tell him he's not.....


This is TJ my Irish Wolfhound!  Don't be put off by her size because she is the biggest baby ever!  She is also affectionately known as 'Mummies little girl'

The 'human' is my sister Keeley, who is dog a groomer so gives all mine a spruce up when needed!


And here is my female Pug, Ranger.....  This picture couldn't sum her up any more if I tried!  Ranger is the clown of the bunch and drives me insane but I wouldn't have her any other way!


This is my Pug, Ernie. He weighs more than twice as much as Tank!  Ernie is a very laid back boy but gets a spring in his step when meeting new people and the other dogs.  He was given to me to find a new home when his previous owners could no longer keep him.  He wasn't meant to stay but as soon as he got here he just fitted in so he stayed!  He was the last in my '3 little pigs' clan.


Its actually really hard to get a photo of my Jack Russell, Spyda on her own as she is always with TJ!  When they are not playing together, this is generally where she can be found.

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