On this page you will find pictures of some of the animals we look after.

Goldie relaxing by the pool

Zoe relaxing after a hard days work...

Digger saying Hi to the cows

in the field behind our house

This is Marmite.  The nicest natured dog you will ever meet!  He walked around the village on Halloween dressed like this. The children thought he was great.

Max and Marmite taking a dip in the pool.  We always have paddling pools for the dogs in the summer, they love going in it.

Alfie in the car on our way to walkies.  I have a bit of a soft spot for Alfie as he reminds me so much of my old dog Budkiss (Buddie) who I named the company after.

Ziggy, Marmite and Monty in the garden looking very well behaved!

Vic and Goldie.  Goldie looks like she is smiling in this one.


Saffy waiting for her tennis ball to be thrown.....again!

Eleanor and Ziggy taking a break from their constant playing.....They get on like a house on fire!


Harvey, Katie and Holly.


How many dogs can fit on 1 bed........ Ziggy the Lab is under there somewhere!


The handsome Hagrid!

A few of our dogs that we walk looking very well behaved!
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